I Will Always Love You - Michael Johnson (1979)

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Standin' by my window
listening for your call
seems i really miss you after all

Time won't let me
decide thoughts to myself
I just like to let you know
I wish i didn't let you go

And i'll always love you
deep inside this heart of mine
I do love you
and i'll always need you
and if you ever change your mind
I'd still, i will love you

Wish you didn't left me
but loves a mystery
you can break a heart so easily

The days and nights reveal
how much i feel for you
time has come for me to see
how much your love has meant to me

And I'll always love you
and if you ever change your mind
I'll still I will love you

Time like a river flowing
going right on by
nothing left for me to see
so I watch the river rise

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